Which BB Cream Is Best For Acne Prone Skin?

Which BB Cream Is Best For Acne Prone Skin?

PORE FAVOR was founded with one mission. A Life without Acne. As acne sufferers ourselves on this mission we had to write a blog post about the best BB cream for acne with a no-BS statement that you won't hear elsewhere.

BB cream can be incredible at fighting the symptoms of current acne breakouts BUT it won't stop acne coming back, and it can't treat acne causes at their root.

Why? Because the root cause of acne is internal - this is well researched and covered in our blog What causes acne? by Dr. Anna H Chacon. We love BB creams (particularly those with SPF) that can treat current outbreaks, but its time brands tell you the truth. If you want to stop acne coming back. You need to treat it from the inside.

Below we will cover where BB came from, a little background behind the wonder cream, how to use it, and which ingredients are MUSTS in your BB cream to help fight the symptoms of acne and some other helpful things that they can do.

before and after PORE FAVOR acne supplement.

Background of BB cream.

BB Creams have become the must-have item of any skincare regimen. Popularised by K-pop artists and dubbed K-Beauty, Korean skincare puts immense value on natural ingredients and your body chemistry to yield the most perfect and glowing results over time. Although the multitasking product is now a staple for lot's of us, many people have not heard or tried BB Creams before, so we thought we'd give you a rundown of the unexpected history of where BB Cream comes from, what BB Cream really means, and what BB Cream is used for.

Where Did BB Cream Come From?

BB Creams were first developed in 1967 by Christine Schrammek, MD - if you think that name doesn’t sound very Korean, you’re right! Schrammek developed the idea for BB Creams in her home country of Germany. 

Schrammek originally developed it as a stopgap for her patients to use on their skin after harsher treatments like peels and microdermabrasion left the skin red and inflamed. Instead of applying heavy foundation, which might have made the skin even more irritated and uncomfortable, Schrammek wanted to offer them something that would blur the imperfections but most importantly, be kind to the skin. So from there, BB cream was born.

Why Do We Associate BB Cream With South Korea?

K-pop and K-drama stars noticed BB Creams ability to transform skin and started to import the beauty product to South Korea, where it was quickly picked up for it’s incredibly smooth coverage whilst also providing a range of skincare benefits. After South Korea became obsessed with BB creams, the trend made its way to Europe and the United States, where it has become a mainstay beauty product associated with South Korean beauty.

What Does BB Cream Even Do?

The BB creams of today have evolved since they were first developed. Schrammek's version of BB cream was originally designed to help with post-treatment sensitivity, but what made BB creams pick up in popularity in recent years was their ability to streamline your routine.

You can find BB Creams that have different claims, but here we will focus on which BB Cream Is Best For Acne Prone Skin? Or rather, which ingredients to look out for.

Look for a BB cream that contains Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide is best known for use in medicinal creams to soothe, reduce redness, and dry irritated skin. Guess what? The same principles apply to those red pimples on your face. Zinc Oxide is perfect to reducing inflammation, redness and reducing blocked pores.

zinc oxide for acne treatment

Another powerhouse known for its holistic health benefits, but not always associated for acne specifically, is lavender. Studies have shown that lavender causes an anti inflammatory response, due to its influence on nitrogen oxide, cytokines, and histamine levels, with further studies proving that it can quicken the healing process of wounds (yep that includes pimples) whilst having antibacterial properties. Lavender is an all round must have for any acne treating BB Cream.

lavender for acne treatment

If you are all about harnessing the power of plants for treating your acne naturally, whilst nourishing your skin, you may also want to check out shea, jojoba, rosemary, and plum oil. All effective natural plant oils that collectively reduce inflammation, promote healing, and reduce redness. Great for any BB cream used on acne prone skin.
botanical extracts for acne treatmentSo where can you find all of these natural acne treatment ingredients? PORE FAVOR's is an all natural, vegan and cruelty free BB Cream comes with all the above natural ingredients, and all the below benefits. It's designed and made for people who have active breakouts and/or want to give themselves daily SPF protection and coverage:

  • 5 different Shades to suit every skin tone for perfect coverage 
  • Stops spot inflammation
  • Fights breakouts
  • Helps moisturise and nourish skin
  • Ultra lightweight texture to leave no build-up cream on marks or bumps
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Covers red pimple marks and skin tone differences
  • SPF 30 for everyday sunscreen protection

How To Apply BB Cream

Because a BB cream is a combination of skincare and makeup, the application process may sound like it should be complicated but beauty balms are incredibly easy to apply. 

First cleanse using cold or warm water and preferably a AHA, BHA or AHA and BHA combo face wash, apply serum, and for dry skin opt for a probiotic moisturiser.

Now for the BB cream. The best way to apply BB Cream is with your hands - a brush isn't necessary as you don't have as much coverage that needs to be blended. When using your hands, the body heat changes the texture and makes it easier to manipulate. Because a BB cream isn't quite as thick as a traditional foundation and has the slip of a moisturizer, it's easy to blend for a seamless finish. It’s best to put a squirt of the cream in one hand and use your fingertips to pick up a little of the cream each time. Just rub the BB Cream in circles on the surface of your skin, and keep applying until you have perfectly even and wonderfully smooth coverage across your whole face.

Where Can I Buy BB Cream?

If BB Creams sound like just what you need to be using on your face, check out POREFAVOR BB Cream on the link here: BB CREAM – PORE FAVOR USA

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