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AHA vs BHA: Exfoliate The Right Way In 2022

AHA and BHA face washes are the hot topic of 2022, particularly when it comes to treating acne causes and reducing signs of ageing. Whilst we have written extensively on how the root cause of acne being hormonal, and how the only way to treat and get long-lasting results is from within, AHA and BHA can help the surface effects of acne - reducing acne and leaving you with bright glowing skin. Here’s what science tells us:

What is AHA?

AHA stands for alpha-hydroxy acid, it’s a skin exfoliant and is made from a group of acids usually derived from plant products and sometimes animal products (POREFAVORs face wash  is vegan, but some others are not). AHA is a chemical exfoliant rather than a physical exfoliant (like a gritty face scrub). The most popular AHAs are glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid. 

Is AHA face wash vegan?

In short, it can be. POREFAVOR 's AHA and BHA face wash is 100% vegan. But make sure you check with other brands before you buy them; lactic acid is often derived from dairy products!

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What are the skin benefits of AHAs?

AHAs are natural exfoliants that help remove dead skin cells on your skin's surface, allowing for new skin cell generation. This exfoliation is the reason for all of the benefits associated with AHA including:

  1. Helping to treat acne
  2. Reduce age spots
  3. Reduce superficial wrinkles
  4. Reducing the appearance of pores
  5. Brightening your skin

To dive a little deeper, the natural skin cycle renews skin and the new dead cells lay on the surface of the skin. Your skin undergoes a natural turnover cycle, usually once a month. When this happens, the upper layer of your skin (epidermis) sheds, revealing new skin from the middle layer of your skin (dermis). Sometimes, dead skin cells don’t fully shed and the accumulation of dead skin dulls the skin and accelerates skin challenges such as acne and superficial wrinkles.

By using an AHA wash you can remove dead skin cells - brightening the skin and stimulating collagen production.

Can AHA facewash cure my acne?

Unfortunately not. AHA is a powerful exfoliant perfect for clearing skin of dead cells and unclogging pores which can help prevent breakouts, but leading acne causes are internal and hormonal. AHA facewashes are vital for helping the skin and removing what can antagonise acne, but they are unable to stop the reason why spots are being made in the first place. Because of this, our facewash should be used in combination with the POREFAVOR Acne Supplements which balances hormones and sebum production to treat acne causes at their root and stop it from coming back. For more on why all acne is hormonal check out our blog here.
Can AHA facewash help my acne?

Yes. AHA is a powerful exfoliant perfect for clearing skin of dead cells and unclogging pores. Removing those dead skin cells helps prevent breakouts whilst reducing signs of ageing and of course brightening your skin. But the leading cause of acne is hormonal and so AHA facewash should be used in combination with the POREFAVOR acne supplements which balances hormones and sebum production to treat acne and stop it from coming back. For more on why all acne is hormonal check out our blog here.

Where can I use AHA?

Everywhere. You can use AHA on your face, on your back and even your butt! If you are using AHA facewash to treat your acne wherever it is on your body remember the root cause of acne is the same, and therefore the treatment is the same too.

AHA and BHA can be used anywhere on body, including face, back and chest

How to use AHAs:

AHAs are suitable for all skin types but when starting any new product in your skincare regime you should start small and build. Go with a low 7% percentage of glycolic acid once a week and gradually build to 3 to 4 times a week. Using cold, or lukewarm water to cleanse (NEVER HOT).

how to use bha and aha

What is BHA?

That was AHAs, and it sounds like they’ve got everything covered, but what about BHA? This stands for beta-hydroxy acids, and is, you guessed it, is a natural, vegan exfoliant. The most notable BHA is salicylic acid but willow bark extract (found in the PORE FAVOR Face Wash) is an alternative you definitely want to try out. AHAs and BHAs have many of the same benefits but here's how they are different.

The skin benefits of BHAs:

Salicylic acid, the most popular BHA, is commonly used for treating whiteheads, as well as inflammatory acne. BHAs including willow bark are an anti-inflammatory that decreases the redness and irritation that comes with red, tender breakouts whilst having similar exfoliating powers to AHA.

Where to apply BHAs:

BHA’s, like AHA, can be used all over the body. In fact, it is slightly more versatile as many anti-dandruff shampoos also use BHA. But for treating acne BHA can be used on the face, chest, back, and bum.

How to use BHAs:

The same advice holds for BHA as AHA. Start small and infrequent and build your way up. We recommend a BHA of 2% strength once a week and building up to 3-4 times a week. More doesn’t always mean better. Start slow and build-up, and you’ll love the benefits of BHA.

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So what is the best exfoliator for 2022? AHA OR BHA?

AHAs are a powerhouse for exfoliation, anti-ageing, and anti-acne skin care issues and are hydrating for sensitive, irritated skin. BHAs are perfect for skin exfoliation but also reduce inflammation of acne. Both of which can be effective natural acne treatments. So which is the best? A combination of AHA and BHA is the best exfoliator for 2022. At POREFAVOR we developed the perfect combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid, & glycolic acid along with 3 natural extracts; willow bark, houttuynia cordata, and melia azedarach, all designed to tackle the surface effects of acne.

For any advice or questions on AHA, BHA or any of our products contact our skincare team at skincare@porefavor.com

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